Tuesday, 6 April 2010

April Musings

Okay, so I've been feeling for a while that it's time to post another blog, but ho hum, what to put, eh?
Am sort of feeling happy and confident after a long hard drag into, what I believe may be, spring. The sun is out and it is relatively warm, which leads me to consider such exciting things as if I do some washing and hang it out, might it ACTUALLY get dry?!

So anyway, I'm in the shop, it's a quiet day. I've done a tongue piercing, but on my step-daughter, so no money there - in fact we've had to pay for ice cream, as well as the actual piercing itself, so it's certainly not quids in! Waiting for a former piercee to come in to have her tongue bar changed down, hopefully it will be do-able today as it was too swollen when I saw her on Sat. Ah, the joys of tongue piercing. You wouldn't catch me having it done!

So, I'm in a bit of a weird reflective place again. Must be my age, I think. Was thinking about my ex yesterday as it was his 40th birthday and 5 years ago we were on holiday in Cornwall and all having a lovely time. Just after which it all blew up, due to his inability to keep control of his penis. However, it does make you think about how much things change in 5 years and how much our present is affected by our past. It was getting involved with him that caused me to move to Glastonbury and to leave my daughter behind with her dad, a wrong that has yet to be righted, although that shouldn't be long now. Still, it's all a learning curve and I think that I actually learnt my lesson, at least I hope so. So really there are no hard feelings, although he does have a smug face on his facebook profile - but that will be because he has a smug face! Still, he probably won't speak to me as last time he saw me he ran away!

Anyway, April is usually a good month for me. The sun is at its zenith in my astrological chart on 19th and that is usually a very good, or at least a very influential, day for me. And "Doctor Who" is back on, even without David Tennant it's well worth a watch. Should eventually get my biomech wasp tattoo finished too, as we are planning on taking it to the Newport Tattoo Convention at the beginning of May.

So anyway, life's rich tapestry. The good, the bad, it's all the path to death isn't it? Suppose I should try and make it a good one as I won't be back here again. I wonder about the next 5 years...

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  1. Swollen tongues, swollen penises, spring coming on - I think you may be back here again, Amulet... X