Thursday, 3 September 2009

Death of a forum

Well, in the last few hours of the Somerset forum, I am feeling quite emotional. It feels like being evicted from a home I have loved and having to go out into the uncertainty of a new one (or ones). It's quite shocking really how it has taken over my life in some ways and overlapped into my real life in quite an unexpected way too.
I joined up in July 2008 after J got some ridiculous twaddle about God breaking our window printed and a journalist actually rang up to ask if it was true!! So I only really joined to demonstrate that I wasn't a sinner... So that wasn't entirely successful then!
Soon after joining up, WM decided to ring me and educate me in the ways of Photobucket. This seemed to provoke an insanely jealous response from Rosie. WM then decided that he "knew" me and started some sort of anti-teacher campaign, which was a bit odd and got quite personal. I even got his postings moderated and he still reckoned he was not in the wrong...
Then the whole bizarre story with my cat unfolded, which unfortunately was brought to a premature end by his death. What a superb cat he was. And he linked me to two forum members. We still haven't had a drink for him, guys!
And the rev - what a brilliant bloke! Such a good sense of humour, but well on the case all of the time.
Bumping into RL and her son in Wells was great and Indigo came second in our shop raffle. Shame we only had one prize!
Tom and Dave are the two relative newbies, but I think they will be hard to shake off - look forward to meeting you!
Its weird, but it feels like we have all been through a lot together, like one big forum family. Maybe it was our collective fight against the Nazis? Anyway, you are all great and I will miss the forum as the place we all first met, although I hope that I won't miss you all as we will all be in touch anyway.
RIP thisissomerset forum.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

day off

Wednesdays are my day off, so I can ramble on a bit more here, I suppose. Have been feeling very groggy today as my body kept trying to wake me up at 8am, which I didn't fancy much on my day off (have I mentioned that?!). So, I went back to sleep and had a bizarre random dream. I really can't quite shake it off and get on with the day, although that is partly because I have to try and ring up the bank and I think I'm putting that off, so now, thanks to Tom, I have yet another thing I can do to avoid dealing with my life!!
Drama workshop was quite fun last night. It's good to have fun with that again as my drama ventures were rather spoilt last year by a particular event and I didn't much enjoy panto, for various reasons...
Anyway, I should probably get dressed and get on with that day. I should probably also comment on Tom, who conned me into doing this, but I know a lot less about him than he does about me as I can't really be bothered to conceal my identity properly. I know he lives in Bath and has a great sense of humour and seems to have a love of pussies in all shapes and sizes.
Anyway, here I am and I'm going to see if the Wiifit has paid off and I can now fit into some of the trousers I tried on about a month ago...
If you're reading this - hello and thanks...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I appear to have accidently started a blog. Bloody typical. I never have a clue about anything like this! Do I have to pretend to have friends now as well?
Anyway, I'm off to a drama workshop in half an hour, so I don't even have any time for this...