Wednesday, 2 September 2009

day off

Wednesdays are my day off, so I can ramble on a bit more here, I suppose. Have been feeling very groggy today as my body kept trying to wake me up at 8am, which I didn't fancy much on my day off (have I mentioned that?!). So, I went back to sleep and had a bizarre random dream. I really can't quite shake it off and get on with the day, although that is partly because I have to try and ring up the bank and I think I'm putting that off, so now, thanks to Tom, I have yet another thing I can do to avoid dealing with my life!!
Drama workshop was quite fun last night. It's good to have fun with that again as my drama ventures were rather spoilt last year by a particular event and I didn't much enjoy panto, for various reasons...
Anyway, I should probably get dressed and get on with that day. I should probably also comment on Tom, who conned me into doing this, but I know a lot less about him than he does about me as I can't really be bothered to conceal my identity properly. I know he lives in Bath and has a great sense of humour and seems to have a love of pussies in all shapes and sizes.
Anyway, here I am and I'm going to see if the Wiifit has paid off and I can now fit into some of the trousers I tried on about a month ago...
If you're reading this - hello and thanks...


  1. Good news!! I am dressed and wearing some trousers I had trouble with a month ago! However, I then remembered that I used to have to wear them with a belt to keep them up...

  2. I would but my step-daughter has run off with it.

  3. I can't work out whether you're blaming me or thanking me, and I can't work out what for either way.

    Glad the trousers fit, Am. Does your arse look big in them?

  4. P.S. Sorry about late response - I thought I would be alerted to the latest. I will now. T.